What is the pH factor? Do skin products have any effect on it? Are products that claim to be “acid balanced” better to use?

The term pH scale (potential hydrogen) of a liquid refers to the balance between the acid and alkaline in the product or the skin and hair. The acidity and the alkalinity are measured on a scale from zero to 14 – 0 being extreme acid and 14, alkaline. The neutral point is 7 – close to the measure of water. Skin and hair are normally slightly acidic – 4.5 to 5.5. Products that remain on the skin, such as toners or fresheners or treatment creams, will be more compatible with the skin, as will cleansing products if they are slightly more alkaline. Most products for acne are more acidic to help fight bacteria.

I have very puffy pouches under my eyes. I do know that it’s probably hereditary, but can you tell me if there is anything I can do about them? Would surgery help?

Circles or “bags” under the eyes are often thought to be a sign of not having enough sleep or aging. But they can be the result of a sinus condition, an allergy, getting too much sleep, weakening of the skin around the eyes, too much sun or rubbing the tisues too roughly, alcohol or too much eyecream. Surgery will not eradicate darkened circles or puffiness. There are some ways of camouflaging the area under the eye so that the pouches don’t look so noticeable.

When applying concealer, put it only on the blue-shadowed areas. Never use concealer on the pouchy areas.

When applying foundation to the eye area, use a light shade if you have dark circles and a darker shade than your normal color on the puffy areas.

When applying mascara make sure that each lash is separately covered and not clumpy.

Avoid eye-shadow colors like blue, purple or mauve if you have dark circles.