Most of the anti-aging products on the market make the same type of claim to firm skin, minimize lines, smooth, improve the skin’s vitality, elasticity etc. Most of these products help to replenish the skin’s vital requirements such as oxygen and fluids to nourish the elastin and collagen fibres (connective tissue). They may also help to reactivate some of the skin’s natural functions, such as improving the cell turnover and regeneration, moisture retention, resistance to pollution etc.

These treatment creams or lotions are normally more expensive than others because certain raw materials such as collagen, elastin, amino acids, placenta extracts and hydrolized proteins have been finely treated to resemble the fatty components of the skin which are responsible for keeping the skin’s cells plump and which make the surface more smooth and elastic.

A certain degree of firming of the skin can result from the use of these preparations, but do not expect a facelift in a jar. The results are far less dramatic and the creams should be seen as a method to help tone and revitalize the skin and to help delay to some degree the superficial signs of aging. Aging has been a gradual process so you cannot turn the clock back overnight. The effects of the products are short term and they must be used either nightly or in a course of treatments once or twice a year.

To help slow down aging, avoid smoking, excessive alcohol, sun exposure. Get sufficient rest and exercise, eat a well-balanced diet, drink plenty of water and learn relaxation techniques to combat the stress in your life.

Since eau de toilette and cologne have never lasted very long on my skin, I decided to try buying perfume as it is stronger. It is also more expensive and doesn’t last that much longer, maybe a couple of hours more. Would there be something that will last longer?

The body chemistry and oiliness of your skin is what determines the lasting fragrance of your perfume. The oils, moisture and minerals secreted onto the surface from the pores are the elements that affect the perfumes. For example, perfume normally doesn’t last as long on a dry skin as on an oily one, but the fragrance may change more on an oily skin.

There are several categories of scents – citrus, floral, fruit, musk, wood, spice and blends. The scent you choose can change, particularly if you smoke, are ill, are on certain medications. To prolong the aroma, layer it, i.e., use the bath gel, body powder or lotion and the perfume.

My teeth are naturally slightly yellow. I would like to know what lipstick color is most flattering so the yellow is not exaggerated.

To camouflage yellowed teeth, avoid orange and light mauve tones as these can make teeth look more yellow. The brighter corals, rose, pinks, brownish reds, true reds, etc., will make teeth look whiter. Experiment with these colors to see how they affect the skin tones as well. The proper color on the lips can also affect the whiteness of the eyes, the shade of the iris and the complexion. Some clear reds make the skin look whiter and often a fuchsia or bluish red will make blue eyes seem bluer.

I am in my early 50s and my eyebrows are very skimpy even though I haven’t tweezed them in more than 10 years. How can I stimulate growth or make them look thicker?

Try using a brow pencil or powder shadow to fill in the brows and create the desired shape. When using the pencil, use short, light feathering strokes. It does require practice to use the pencil effectively, but with it you can make the brows look natural. Use a brow brush after the pencil to blend in and soften the strokes. The powdered shadow is slightly easier to use and is applied with a small wedge-shaped brush.

Because it has been so long since any hairs have grown, it is most likely that the roots and follicles from where the hairs grow have been damaged to the point where will be no more growth.

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