My mascara is always smudged by mid morning. Can this be avoided?

Your eye cream or moisturizer could be contributing to the problem. Choose a light cream that is easily absorbed into the skin (apply it sparingly). Wait for about two minutes and blot the excess, or try a light eye gel instead of the cream. If you apply foundation in the eye area, you can omit eye cream to see if that is any better since the foundation can act as a skin protector. Apply a light coating of translucent powder in the eye area to set the foundation and to help the mascara cling to the lashes. You could try some of the smudge-proof, waterproof or water- resistant mascaras. Constant facial movement may also be the cause of some of the smudging.

I am only 21 and am developing a lot of varicose veins. My doctor says there isn’t anything I can do about them except for surgery later on. What can I do to keep them from getting worse?

The tendency toward varicose veins is inherited, but if you are overweight, stand for long periods at work, wear tight, knee-high stockings, etc. they will become worse. Varicose veins are caused by a network of veins close to the surface of the leg muscles which have weakened so that blood doesn’t flow back to the heart. Instead, the blood stays in the area and the veins respond by stretching and swelling.

Your doctor may not be aware that you could have sclerotherapy. This is done by injecting a serum, by means of a very fine needle, into the small veins. This causes the vein to close up or dissolve. The severity of the spider veins on your legs would determine the number of sessions you would need. If the veins are big, you will probably have to have the veins stripped. Do try to walk a lot, avoid hot and cold temperatures (water or sun). Elevate your feet whenever you can, wear support or elastic stockings, limit your intake of alcohol and massage legs upwards toward your heart.