In eyeshadows, we feel that the powdered are better, but not the iridescent ones. Matte finish shadows are best. Avoid some of the cream shadows as their oil content can be quite high and...

I find I am getting puffiness or "bags" under my eyes. Is there anything I can do to reduce this? In order to answer your question accurately, we would need to know a little more...

I have developed dark circles under my eyes. Is this normal or is something wrong? One beauty consultant said that it is hereditary, but my parents don't have them. She sold me a concealing...

Could you give me some information on permanent eyeliner? Is it painful to have done and is it safe? Usually this procedure is carried out by a plastic surgeon or ophthalmologist although some dermatologists offer...
Eyelash tinting useful for allergies

Several of my friends get their eyelashes tinted. How is this done and will it be expensive? Do you think it is worth the time and money? Tinting defines or emphasizes the lashes and intensifies...

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