What exactly are crow’s-feet and how do I get rid of them?

They are fine lines around the eyes caused by age and habitual facial expressions. Premature formation of these lines is the result of excessive exposure to the sun, squinting, alcohol abuse, frequent weight gain and loss, smoking, excessive creaming and massaging of the skin around the eyes, rubbing and pulling the skin, lack of moisture or natural oils in the eye areas, and possibly heredity.

Application of eye-cream or treatment cream can help delay the formation of deeper wrinkles. To keep the skin around the eye in good, healthy condition requires continuous, conscientious attention. Protection, lubrication, moisturizing, and using gentle movements without pressure or pulling is essential when applying creams.

When cleansing or applying cream, you should start from the bridge of the nose and work along the upper lid to the temples and underneath the eyes towards the nose. Loss of elasticity in the eye area can be corrected by blepharoplasty, a plastic surgery operation.

Do you think that natural products without preservatives are better to use than the commercial ones. Are they safer?

Products based on natural ingredients are often very effective, but the use of natural preservatives such as essential oils doesn’t necessarily mean that they are better.

It is necessary to use some preservatives in skin-care products in order to prevent the growth of fungus, molds, bacteria, thus prolonging their shelf life.

In order to be effective, the most common chemical preservative needs to comprise only of one tenth of one per cent of the product. At this level, it is unlikely that it will have any interaction with the skin and it will not alter the characeristics of the product.

Methyl and propyl paraben are two common chemical preservatives. They are inert and benign and will work in any environment (acid, alkaline or neutral), so can be found in a variety of products. They are naturally less toxic than benzoic or salicylic acid.

Natural preservatives can compromise up to three per cent of the products by volume in order to be effective. At this level, they will likely have an interaction with the skin, altering the effects of the product. This is acceptable only if the effect of the preservative is desirable. Usually creams in aluminum tubes keep bacteria control, temperature and cream consistency and shelf life at a good balance.

Is it absolutely necessary to apply a base coat before colored nail polish?

The base coat is necessary for several reasons; It helps even out the surface of the nail before the colored polish, so that the polish goes on more smoothly.

It helps seal the nail plate, protecting it from pigment stains, of the colored polish; especially if the nail is dry or porous.

It prolongs the life of the polish, therefore, your manicure lasts longer.

It helps the colored polish to adhere properly.

It prevents chipping.

The added coat of polish gives more strength to the nail.