This is indeed a tricky problem to get around. We agree that it is very unpleasant to swim in a pool that has skin creams floating on it. Pool attendants have the unenviable task of trying to eliminate the bacteria, dirt and creams, but those we talked with agree that the dirt problem outweighs the cream problem. If people were to wear bathing caps and not foul the water in other ways, it would not be necessary to use such a high level of chemicals against the fungus, bacteria, etc. and therefore the water would be less drying and irritating. Pools that are tested every couple of hours for bacterial and chemical levels seem to be the least irritating so speak with the lifeguard or pool attendant where you swim to see how the chemicals are regulated.

We still think that it would be all right to wear a conditioner on the hair under a bathing cap. Shower off all the chlorine after the swim (or whirlpool) then apply a moisturizing body lotion and face cream.

I have an enlarged pore on my face and it is very noticeable. I would appreciate any tips you could give in shrinking or concealing it.

Although pores that become enlarged and stretched with age or on oily skin areas can be toned to some extent, it is possible that yours is not of this type and would not respond to normal cosmetic care. We do not believe there is any treatment that will shrink or conceal it. However, depending on its size and depth, it could possibly be filled with zyderm collagen injections by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Ask your doctor for a referral.

I used to use a moisturizing cream with aloe vera. Then I bought a cream in the United States that contained bee pollen. Is bee pollen better in a cream or should I go back to the one with aloe vera?

Both aloe vera and bee pollen can be useful ingredients in skin creams. But, as we have stressed before, just because a cream contains certain valuable ingredients does not mean that it is automatically a good product. There is, for example, a wide variance in the quality of Aloe Vera available as well as in other, more basic ingredients used (eg. some oils are able to penetrate the top layers of skin while others leave a film). Since you have tried both products, you are the best judge of what suits your skin.