My hair is beginning to lose its lustre and shine. What can I do to make it look shinier?

As we all know, shiny-looking hair is a sign of healthy hair, and keeping it well-trimmed gets rid of damaged, split ends. The cuticles of the hair shaft have to lie flat to reflect light well. Procedures that may reduce the shiny appearance include the use of blow dryers, electric rollers, perms, color treatments, salty or chlorinated water, and a bad diet. If you use too heavy or the wrong type of shampoo or conditioner, your hair will be dull looking. Hair shine tends to lessen with age, partly because the scalp’s sebaceous glands produce less and less oil. Check with your hairdresser about the condition of your hair and the products that you are using and she”he may have some suggestions.

I have very thin lips and it is hard to keep lipstick on. How can I make them appear fuller?

If your lips are too thin, cheat a little by extending the outer line a little above your top lip and below the bottom lip and then put on a paler color in the centre of the lips and a slightly darker one on the outside. This gives the impression of a fuller, more generous mouth. Gloss used on the bottom lip can give an illusion of more fullness. Here are some guidelines on how to keep lipstick on longer: Pat a little foundation on the lips.

Outline the lips with a lip pencil – try using one that matches the lipstick. Lipliner gives the lips definition and helps to prevent bleeding of the lipstick into tiny creases around the mouth.

Cover with a light dusting of translucent powder Use lip brush to fill in the lips with color.

Remove the excess by gently blotting with a tissue. Powder again and re-apply. You could apply a little gloss on the centre of the bottom lip. Or you could: Follow steps one to three.

Color your lips with the lipliner to stain the area.

Apply lipstick, remove excess with a tissue, powder again and re-apply.

I have had dark circles under my eyes since I was a teenager. One esthetician said that it was hereditary, but my parents don’t have them. I have used a concealing stick, but it seems too thick. Can you tell me about products that will be better?

All of us have some discoloration under the eyes, some people have a bluish tinge while others have a brownish one. It often has nothing to do with lack of sleep, stress, or getting older. It can be an inherited trait, but not necessarily from your parents, it could be a couple of generations back. It can also be the result of a lack of water for proper removal of toxins in the kidney area. It could be drug related, the result of medication or allergy symptoms etc.

Concealers are available in gels, pastes, liquids, creams or a stick. The application of each is quite similar, the only difference being the degree to which they are effective for you. You may have to experiment with the various types.

Usually the concealer is applied under foundation, but it may also be applied on top providing it is well blended. Use the concealer ONLY in the areas that are discolored. Be exact and do not extend beyond the area. Remember the eye area is extremely fragile so if the stick type does drag on the skin, try applying it on your hand so body heat will make it soften and then you can apply it with your ring finger by pressing and patting it onto the skin. You could also use a small brush to do this. You can then apply your foundation on top by stippling it on with a sponge for more even coverage.