Could you suggest some makeup colors for the summer. My skin is very dark and my usual colors seem to fade away. Also, I do not wish to wear foundation.

There are three areas women should emphasize in applying makeup: the eyes, cheeks and the mouth. For your eyes; avoid light colors, and work with darker ones such as burgundy, prune, earthy shades and navy. Line the eyes with black, brown, dark green or purple etc. For cheeks; choose rds, burgund or bright pinks – avoid orangey tones. For your lips; choose clear bright shade of reds, pinks, etc. Instead of foundation, you could try a tinted transulcent powder to create a matte finish or to correct a slighly yellow or grey undertone.

Is it true, that if I exercise with weights this will convert fat into muscle.

Using weights for exercising your muscles does not turn fat into muscle, nor does the lack of exercise turn muscle into fat.

They are entirely two different types of tissue and one cannot become the other. However, exercising with the weights can decrease the amount of accumulated fat (along with a good balanced diet) and increase your muscle bulk.

When you digest some fats and carbohydrates they are sources of energy for the tissues. Muscles increase your body’s fat-burning ability and they require this energy from the fats and carbohydrates to function. The fat cells just sit there, requiring no energy to maintain them.

I have always used a deodorant soap and hot water on my skin. Now my skin is very dry and I need another cleanser. How do I choose a good cleanser for my skin?

Soap and water do a good cleansing job on the surface of the skin, but they do strip the natural oils and upset the acide mantle (PH acid balance which is youre skin’s natural protection.) If we lived in a more controlled atmosphere, this would probably be adequate, but since we are subjected to extremes of temperature, chemicals, pollutants and other harsh elements in our environment, most skins will benefit from specialy formulated products. A great deal of research has been done over the years to find more effective cleansing methods and products.

Cleansers are designed to dissolve dust, perspiration, stale oil, makeup, and residue from pollution etc. and to help eliminate dead-skin cells without drying or irritating your skin. It is preferable to choose a water-soluble product which will not upset the Ph balance and is geared to your skin type – oily, sensitive, dry, etc. It is not necessary to choose a cleanser with a nourishing ingredient in it as it is going to be washed off anyway.

For general cleansing purposes, try to choose a water-soluble lotion, cream, milk or gel cleanser. Dampen your skin and gently massage the cleanser onto the skin for approximately one minute and wash it off with a facial sponge or baby’s facecloth and splash your skin with water at least 10-15 times. Cleansers that have to be tissued of are not water-soluble and usually have waxes which leave a greasy residue on the skin. They are hard to remove and using tissues which contain tiny wood fibres can scratch the skin.

You could also consider having a skin analysis at a recommended skin care salon and then you will be better equipped to choose a cleanser according to your needs. Do sunscreens block out the sun so that you do not tan?

Sunscreens containing Paba or other derivatives absorb the ultraviolet rays so that they do not penetrate into the skin and damage it. A block preparation containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (these creams are available in colors) will deflect ultraviolet rays so that none of the rays penetrate.

You still can tan when you use sunscreen, only more slowly and more safely.

When I am in the sun I usually burn because my skin is so fair. If I use after-sun moisturizers or repair complexes, will it prevent peeling?

If you allow yourself to become sunburned, your skin will peel no matter what you put on it. You don’t have to burn to obtain a tan, use the proper sunscreen cream or lotion.