No one food, food group or a single vitamin will likely clear up acne or other skin conditions. The benefits of a properly balanced diet, with supplements where needed, is to build and repair body tissues, sustain body functions vital to life, maintain levels of energy and keep the system healthy enough to ward off illness and infections.

Clinical studies have indicated that there is no single food which will cause acne to occur. Even “junk food” such as French fries, soft drinks and chocolate will not cause every skin to react with acne. A few people, however, do have problems with certain foods – and if you suspect something is causing you to break out, eliminate it from your diet for two weeks and see if there are any effects. Then re-introduce it and look for any results. If you break out again with this food, you may have a sensitivity to it and could confirm this by having some allergy testing done.

Remember that most teen-age acne is brought about primarily by changes in hormone production. Dietary control will help some – but not all people – who suffer from it. The best approach is to eat a balanced diet of fresh vegetables, fruit, grains and low-fat sources of proteins such as chicken and fish. Avoid too many fried, highly salted or over-processed foods and any particular food that seems to not “agree” with you.