I have heard a lot about the new permanent eyeliner and I understand that it is like a tattoo. Is it dangerous? How is the procedure done?

The process is known as “pigment implantation” or “micropigmentation” and is performed by a physician or a plastic surgeon with a local anesthesia. The doctor implants tiny dots of coloring just beneath the surface of the skin with a surgical needle. The coloring is permanent and does not wear off. Shades that are presently available are black, browns and grey. It can be dangerous if you do not have a doctor do the procedure or if you have an allergic or sensitivity reaction to the pigment. But this you can find out with a patch test and the doctor will interview you to discuss your needs or preferences.

The technique does offer an alternative for those who find it difficult to apply eye makeup due to poor sight, arthritis, physical problems, or those allergic to cosmetic materials or who have lost eyelashes due to surgery or medication.

Is it necessary to purchase a cream just for the throat?

The throat is probably one of the most delicate areas of the skin. It has very few oil glands and the skim is very thin. The neck area, as far as I’m concerned, is part of the face and should also be moisturized and protected. If the skin on your neck shows any signs of weakness, there are creams designed to firm and strengthen it, others are formulated to protect, moisturize and give skin a smooth texture. If your face cream has some firming ingredients in it, you could use it on the throat. Apply the cream to the throat while skin is still damp from toner, and massage lightly with upward strokes.

Ever since I started running, my skin is irritated and red for a couple of hours afterwards and for the next few days it is still sensitive. I do apply cream to my face and use a very mild soap with cool water to wash. Do you have any other suggestions as to what I might do? Is it possible that you are now perspiring much more than before?

Exercise is great for the lungs and your heart but it can aggravate the skin. You may have to switch to a milder cleanser as the soap may take too much moisture out of your skin. If you do not wash your skin immediately after running, the mineral salts can irritate the skin and may even generate some surface blemishes. Purchase a cleanser that is designed for those who exercise a lot, or one that contains no perfume and is for sensitive skin.

How often do you suggest using a facial puf buf. My skin is normal, and at 36, am still having some problems with oiliness. Is twice a day too much buffing?

I feel that a puf buf is too harsh and abrasive for the face – for any skin type – and that it should be used on the body on elbows, feet, legs, etc. It can leave the skin feeling very smooth, but most people use over- zealous movements and the skin can be scratched, irritated or inflamed so that sensitivity and breakouts may increase. Buffing may contribute to the increased oiliness that you are experiencing. If skin is scrubbed too much, eliminating too many of the natural oils, the skin will be stimulated to produce what it is lacking, therefore it could be oily within a couple of hours. The use of facial sponges and a soft baby’s facecloth will do a sufficient cleaning job along with your cleanser and lukewarm water to rid the skin of accumulated dead skin cells.