I wear glasses all the time now and my makeup doesn’t look right with them. What can I do to intensify my eyes behind the glasses?

Now that your glasses are worn continually, a slightly heavier eye makeup is needed. You need another coat of mascara and a slightly more intense application of eyeshadows such as purple instead of mauve or charcoal brown instead of taupe. Eyeliner or a smudge of eyeliner close to the fringe of the lashes will show up the eye better.

Are tanning parlors safer to use than going into the sun?

Suntanning machines/parlors/sun beds cause the same damage as the sun’s radiation. Remember that a tan is the result of the skin trying to protect itself from the sun.

Do all cosmetics contain preservatives and are they necessary? I would prefer cosmetics without them. Could you recommend some?

Cosmetics without the preservatives would have to be refrigeratored immediately and would not last nearly as long. The preservatives are necessary to retard growth of microbacteria and fungi. Preservatives could include essential oils, ammonium compounds, acid agents, and alcohols. Other preservatives, the antioxidants, work by decreasing the destruction of fats and oils and oxidation of the product.

I recently shaved off my eyebrows (for a bet) and they are taking so long to grow in. Is two weeks too soon to expect them to grow back completely?

Hair growth is different for every individual. On an average, eyebrows grow for a period of time (approximately eight to 12 weeks) and then are in a resting stage. This may be your case. There isn’t any product that will stimulate the growth; you need patience.

Will using moisturizers and oils on my skin prevent wrinkles?

Unfortunately, oils and creams cannot stop the onset of age-related wrinkles, but they can act as a buffer between you and the environment and drastically cut down on the fine lines and temporary wrinkles that are caused by the drying effects of cold weather, winds, air conditioning, overheated rooms, sunbathing, and harsh cosmetics.

Concealing the bags under my eyes seems to be a problem when I use the concealing sticks. It enlarges them or makes them more obvious especially when I wear glasses. What am I doing wrong?

A rule to remember is that light colors make the area appear larger and darker colors make them recede. The bags under your eyes are probably protruding slightly, therefore you want to diminish them or make them recede. Try applying a darker tone of foundation over the puffy area. Blend it carefully to avoid a demarcation line and then, very slightly, dust some translucent power right up to the roots of the lashes, for a matte finish. Any trace of shine in this area will emphasize the puffy area.