Are you supposed to wash your face once, twice or more during the course of a day?

Twice, morning and night, is essential for cleansing; some people may have to wash more often, depending upon skin type, work environment or climate. In the morning, you are cleansing the toxins etc. that the skin releases during the night. Although makeup or moisturizers can act as a protective barrier by day by shielding the skin from pollution and dirt, they can cause problems if not removed at night.

If you are wearing makeup on your eyes, lips, etc., take that off before you start your regular cleansing, as you don’t want your mascara or eyeshadow swirled around the rest of your face! Apply eye-makeup remover and very gently massage it around the area. Then wipe a dampened cotton pad from the brow downward over your closed lid to the lashes. Repeat several times until the area is cleaned.

Use a dampened Q-tip to remove the mascara from the lashes. Wipe off lipstick and then dampen your whole face and apply your cleanser all over and massage it gently for about a minute. A tip: Make all your movements – whether it be cleansing or applying your creams in the opposite direction that your wrinkles form; for example, go across the vertical lines and up the horizontal ones.

I want to purchase some makeup brushes, but there are so many on the market. What do I look for? Which hair is the best?

There are three parts of the brush that you should examine; the handle, the ferrule (the metal grip) and the hair. I would recommend wood-handle brushes; partially for the feel of wood and the balance of it. Plastic ones are less expensive, but not by much.

The ferrule is the metal that grips the hair and connects it to the handle. Most are made of aluminum which is a softer material than brass, but brass is the most expensive and the most durable.

The brush hiar must be of natural fibres such as goat, boar, pony, and sable.

Brushes do not last a lifetime and just like hair brushes and toothbrushes, they get worn, change their shape and are less effective. They will last longer if they looked after; cleaned once a week in shampoo so that makeup doesn’t become get hardened on the bristles.

What does a concealer do? Will it hide pimples?

A concealer is a specially formulated makeup designed to diminish facial flaws, such as under-eye darkness, small moles, freckles, small minor birthmarks, minor pigmentation – liver or sunspots, minor scars. Concealing products are in liquid, creams, pastes, or in a tube. It is usually applied under the foundation and it is very important that you learn to apply just the right thickness. But, for pimples, I would suggest one especially formulated to cover as well as helping to heal.

I have very oily scalp and hair and I wash my hair and swim every day. My hairdresser has suggested using a conditioner. Won’t my hair be oilier then?

Not necessarily, if you use a conditioner formulated for your hair type and also, apply it only the ends of your hair. If you apply it all over, especially on the scalp where the oil is produced, then you will have oilier hair.