I have blond hair with a slightly reddish cast, dark brown eyes and my skin color is a pale beige. What colors of eyeshadow are best for me? By the way, I wear lots of blues.

The first rule to remember is that eye makeup is applied to enhance the eyes, to dramatize that which nature has already constructed. It is not applied to match your clothes and make them look better.

Unfortunately there is no simple chart to outline what colors are best for you.

There are quite a few variables, and for that reason alone, you must pick eye shadow colors solely for the effect they will have on your eyes.

Consider the depth of color of brown eyes – do they have greens or ambers in them? If so, they will look more golden with the application of a yellow or gold eyeshadow, while a darker toned blue shadow will make the same eyes look a warm or richer brown.

Light eyeshadow will darken the eye and dark shadow makes the eye lighter. As for proper combinations, the colors should blend and harmonize.

You may prefer one color but in different shades (for instance, pale mauve, amethyst and dark purple) or, you may find that combinations are more effective and allow more variety.

Experiment with the colors you already have and try some applications with makeup artists. Do remember that each artist has a favorite brush for a particular area, as well as a favorite variety of makeup. And the artist may see you differently than you see yourself.

Can you tell me if perfumes change with the season? I often find that my fragrance for the winter seems different in the summer.

It is probably not your fragrance that changes, but your skin. During the summer it produces more oil and is often more acidic. The more acid in your skin, the stronger the fragrance.

Your body chemistry may also change with your dietary habits – in the summer you eat lighter and fresher foods and drink more fluids.

You may find that you will want to change fragrance in the summer to a lighter, cleaner one.

I want to get a permanent and have my hair streaked. Which one should I do first?

I would suggest having the permanent first and wait a week or more between the procedures. The chemicals used in the perming will make the hair cuticle quite porous so that color will be easily and evenly distributed into the air.

Can I use talcum, dusting or baby powder intended for the body on my face?

I would not suggest using the body powders for the face, as their texture is all wrong for your facial skin. In addition, the color is not translucent but is white, so the skin will take on a chalky look.

Translucent powder should harmonize with the skin color or the makup base.

Keep in mind that there are rose or pink tones to warm the pale or sallow complexion, while a creamy beige shade will tone down a ruddy skin tone. However, there are also the “no-color” translucent loose powders that create a gentle dimness or a shine on the skin.

I really do not like the feel of lipstick on my lips, but need some color as I am quite pale. Is there another product that won’t leave the lips feeling greasy and gummy?

Although lip liners are not meant to color the whole lip, you could try covering the lip with color. It does last longer than lipstick, but you will not get the moist look or the moisturizing benefit. Another way is to apply lipstick and then blot the lips; the tint of the lipstick will leave some color.