During the summer, my skin is very oily and I perspire very easily. How can I make my blusher last longer? I use a powder blush and have facials regularly.

You may have to layer the blushers. After you have applied your makeup base, powder your face with translucent powder. If you are not wearing foundation – especially during the summer, powder your skin with translucent powder after applying moisturizer. Apply the powder with a flat puff or cotton square in a dabbing, or press-and-release motion and then use a brush to take off the excess. Apply the blusher and then a little more translucent powder and finish with another application of blush. This routine should make it last longer.

I use a light concealer for dark circles under my eyes, but I don’t know how to apply it. Do you just apply it directly on the under-eye area with the tube?

You can use any of three methods to apply concealer; with your ring finger; with a soft sponge; with a fine brush. Apply the concealer then blend in, do not rub. Can you use legĀ hairĀ remover lotions for the hair on your face?

Hair-remover lotions for legs are not to be used on the face, they are too irritating for delicate facial skin and could cause the skin to become sensitive, reddened and blister or burn. There are products that are especially designed for the face, bikini area or legs. I would suggest you do a patch test first.

Is rinsing your face with cold water to close the pores a good idea?

I believe that using temperature extremes (hot or cold) on the face causes too much stress on the skin. It vasodilates or constricts the blood vessels and in time causes them to become weakened. A cold water rinse can cause the skin to contract too much over a period of years and this could make pore openings widen. It could also temporarily cause blood vessels to contract, allowing very few nutrients to reach skin cells. The oil or sebum in the follicles may temporarily solidify, making the cleansing and the balancing of the pH of the skin more difficult. Use lukewarm water to wash and rinse the face. Do non-alcoholic toners take off cleansers as well as the astringents do?

Most toners are designed to stimulate, cool, soothe and restore the pH of the skin (acid mantle) which was disturbed by a cleansing product. When the pH is restored, your treatment cream, moisturizer or night cream will act on the skin much faster. The differences in the toners, exfoliants, clarifying lotions, fresheners or astringents is the amount of alcohol in them. Other ingredients may differ according to fragrance, soothing or calming, or strengthening qualities. When cleansers were thick creams to be tissued off, you needed an astringent to dissolve the cream in the pores. Nowadays, cleansers are used with water and a sponge or facecloth.

All mascaras that I have tried seem to make my lashes clump together. What should I use?

When you are applying mascara, stroke on color evenly with one stroke of the wand. Let the mascara dry between applications. A lash comb may help to spearate the lashes.