Does tinting your eyelashes make them look fuller and longer?

Lash tinting does not make lashes fuller, only darker and longer looking because the tips of the lashes are emphasized. It’s wonderful for those who are sensitive to mascara or who can’t see to put it on properly.

What are white nail pencils used for?

They are used to color the under portion of the nail tips. This makes manicured nails look cleaner and more attractive. The white shows up more if the pencil tip is dampened.

Can mousse be used on all types of hair?

Mousse can be used on almost all types of hair: use whichever type is most suited to you. It is available in soft, normal, extra, and super hold: for permed and fine hair; for those who wish to intensify or slightly change their hair color, mousses come in grey, blond, auburn, mahogany, or burgundy. They are water-based or have some alcohol, and can be used on wet or dry hair.

Should you cut cuticles?

I suggest that you tidy them up and possibly trim them, but cutting them will cause them to harden and grow thicker, which can lead to splitting.

Do you apply sunscreen before or after your moisturizer?

Sunscreens should always be applied over a moisturizer. It should not be rubbed into the skin, but merely layered on at least half an hour before going out.

What causes white spots on the nails?

They can be caused by injury inflicted on the nail by typing, poor manicuring techniques, bumping or striking the nail, or the spots can indicate a dietary deficiency.

I have dry skin. Will applying lotion or an oil help it?

Dry skin lacks natural oil or sebum, and dehydrated skin lacks water or moisture. Applications of oil or a heavy cream will not replenish skin oils but can provide a protective film for the skin. Dry skin may be an inherited tendency or it may be due to too much sun, harsh soaps, poor diet, lack of fluid intake, excessive steaming or saunas, and some medications taken internally or applied externally. Application of a cream with water in it is helpful.

Is waxing a permanent method of hair removal?

Waxing only temporarily removes hair. Depending upon the individual, it could last about four to six weeks. Warm wax is applied, allowed to cool, and then taken off the skin with the hair in it.

Is it a good idea to refrigerate cosmetic creams and lotions? Only creams and lotions that are homemade from fruits, vegetables and dairy products must be refrigerated as they contain no preservatives. The majority of cosmetics contain stabilizers and preservatives that inhibit bacteria growth.

Does exercise affect the skin? It does not have much to do with it directly, but it has a tremendous influence on the growth of new cells and how the skin looks. The increase in blood circulation as the result of exercise provides necessary fuel and oxygen – nutrition for growth – and encourages the elimination of waste toxins.

Does frequent shampooing harm hair? Probably not, if, you are using the correct shampoo for your type of hair.

Does stress age the skin? Negative stress may contribute to more rapid aging. Extreme or prolonged stress robs the skin of the essential vitamin B.

What else can I use after shaving because I find that regular aftershave lotions sting? Try a skin balm, lotion or cream which contains soothing and moisturizing emollients. Some aftershaves may be too strong or contain too much alcohol.

What do pre-tanning products do? They help to stimulate melanin production before the skin is exposed to the sun. They should be applied daily for at least three to five days before sun exposure.