I’m just back from a holiday and I am quite tanned. I want to change my makeup to enhance my tan, what do you suggest? I have reddish blonde hair and green eyes.

The makeup shades you have been using are probably too light. But, with a tan, you will also need to wear less makeup, so finding the right highlight is important. The more light that reflects your tan, the fresher you will look. You can try either earthy tones or bright, warm colors. The earthy and warm colors may include gold-drenched russet, copper, deep olive, tawny tan, bronzes, coral peach, red-gold, caramel, deep apricot, pink-coral, etc. These colors are great for summer tans since they can be used for eyeshadow, gloss, body highlighter, blush, or mousse highlights in your hair.

I am having my bikini area done with electrolysis, but in the meantime I have also been waxing because I do a lot of swimming and the hair shows. Is this a good idea?

Electrolysis can only treat hair that is above the skin’s surface, therefore if there are fewer hairs visible, the result will not be as good, if you are also waxing. Also, waxing can distort the hair follicles, making it more difficult for the electrolysis needle to reach the hair root (papilla). It may take several more sessions to remove hair permanently.

If you want good results, have the electrolysis done more frequently then consider bleaching the hairs in between your sessions.

I have trouble drinking eight to 10 glasses of water a day. Can I use tea or coffee instead since they both contain water? I drink at least 12 cups of coffee a day and three to four glasses of apple juice.

Water intake is as essential to health as eating the right foods and exercising. The body is always losing water – approximately three quarts a day, and this has to be replaced. Foods such as lettuce, celery, apples, spinach, etc. are about 80 per cent water and the rest comes from fluid intake. You can replenish body water by drinking unsweetened and diluted fruit juices, clear, unsalted beef or chicken broth or consomme.

Coffee, colas and tea, even though they contain water, are dehydrating.

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