Keloids are elevated, irregularly shaped scars due to excessive collagen formation during the repair of connective tissue, in this case, the skin. This is especially common on a black skin. The slightest mark or injury can create scars, therefore people with black skins have to be particularly careful, staying away from harsh products, squeezing pimples, etc. Several plastic surgeons we consulted suggest that you should not consider having chemical peeling or dermabrasion even if you can find a doctor who will do it. The possibility of further scarring is high and the resulting alteration of the pigmentation will be very noticeable.

What you might use to help the skin look brighter and smoother is a gentle enzyme peeling, a vegetable or herbal cream or gel applied to the skin. It absorbs or dissolves the dead surface skin cells and is then gently rubbed off. The skin’s texture improves, it looks more translucent and feels smoother, making the scars somewhat less apparent. It will help to unblock the surface of the pores of cellular debris and improve the oxygen exchange to the skin’s surface. You will be able to use less moisturizer as the dried skin cells are removed and the skin won’t soak up so much of the cream. This regular removal of the dead skin cells will help to prevent the formation of some blackheads and whiteheads.

These exfoliating products are available through estheticians, and at some cosmetic counters. The type and frequency of use will depend on your skin type (thick or thin, sensitive, etc.) so seek advice in this regard where you make your purchase.