My lips are very thin. How can I make them look fuller but not in an artificial way?

Light and dark shades are important in selecting a lipstick color. Light shades will give the illusion of enlarging lips and darker shades will make thin lips thinner. The first step is to apply a foundation or powder. The foundation or powder application acts as a base on which to work and will keep the lipstick on longer.

To outline the lips, keep the mouth in a natural, closed position. Start from the cupid’s bow down to the corner of the mouth on each side. Outline the bottom lip, starting at the centre and a drawing a line out to each corner. Fill in with a matching lipstick or one that will harmonize and blend into the lip liner. Blot the lips gently, and re-apply the lipstick for longer-lasting results. Soft pastel tones are more flattering on thin lips; stay away from bright or dark lip colors.

You may also play up your eyes and cheeks with eyeshadows and maybe a brighter cheek color. Also, colorful mascaras are fun to use and draw attention towards the eye area.

I am a male who has had regular facials for many years as my skin is very sensitive and easily irritated – I am an actor and the pancake makeup that we use on stage is hard to remove. I have recently had a facial where the esthetician used a concentrated ingredient on the skin and a machine. My skin feels much better than it did after the other facials. Could you enlighten me as to what this new method is and why it seems better?

There are various techniques for cleansing the skin by means of facials or skin treatments. Facials may include cleansing, deep cleansing, some massage and the application of hot towels, a mask and moisturizer application. A skin treatment usually includes cleansing, deep cleansing, skin peeling, steaming, extraction of blackheads, massage and mask and finishing creams and the application of serums. Serums are concentrated ingredients which are sealed in sterile vials or ampoules. They vary according to their ingredients which may be nourishing, firming, softening, strengthening, hydrating, healing or soothing. Some are aqueous and others are oily and can be applied to a properly prepared ski with a massage or by using a machine called a high frequency apparatus. The method chosen depends on the type of skin and the problems revealed during an initial analysis of the skin.

I am only 33 and have started to turn quite grey. Is it possible for grey hair to return to its original color? I should mention that I have had surgery a while back.

Greying of the hair, when it is a normal part of aging, is irreversible. It can also be a result of surgery or some shock to the system, an endocrine gland disorder or a disease of the nervous system. If and when hair grows back, the hairs are initially white or grey: however, color is usually restored in late growth when the person recovers. Sometimes in such cases pigmented hair begins to grow out from the roots, so individual hairs may be white at the tip while the portion nearest the roots is repigmented. Or hair may have alternative bands of more and less pigment as the body recovers.

About a month ago I was in Mexico and got a really dark tan. Now that it’s starting to fade, it looks blotchy. Is there a product that can bleach out the tan?

I know of no effective or safe way to remove a tan as it is pigmented deep within the skin. In time your skin will naturally “bleach out” as the tanned skin migrates to the surface, flakes off and is replaced by new less-pigmented skin. You could use a body peeling or exfoliation preparation to help remove the dead surface skin. It does speed up the natural process.