I have trouble choosing a perfume because I can’t tell if it is a pleasant fragrance or not. Perfumes are very expensive so I would like to make the right choice. What kinds of perfumes should I look for? I am fair skinned and in my early 50s.

Today’s perfumes are more complex with many notes and overtones, and then everyone’s body chemistry is different, so what might be sophisticated or sexy on one person could be unpleasant on another. Try two to three perfumes in a three-hour time span. You might try spraying the fragrance on a paper handkerchief to see if it appeals to you and then spray a little on your pulse point (wrist). Wait a bit before you smell it until the top notes and the heart notes fade a bit, then you have the base note which is the true aroma of the fragrance. Apply the perfume with an atomizer, spray or stopper, that way you cut down the risk of oxidation on contact with the air. Perfume has the highest concentration level or strength and will have more staying power on your skin. You might try the perfume counters where trained sales persons will help you select your fragrance.

My feet are usually sore and are quite callused. My heels are cracked and rough so that they ruin my nylons. I love walking barefoot, but only in the house and I wear low-heeled shoes and sneakers. How do I soften and smooth my feet and get rid of the callus?

There are many factors that contribute to dry and cracked heels. Walking barefoot either indoors or out is very drying to the skin because nylon or wool fibres in the carpet and bare floors can rob the feet of natural oils and moisture. Nylons can cause extra friction on the bottom of the feet which can build up calluses. Sling-back shoes can be another culprit. They put the stress and friction of walking squarely on your heel. The best remedy is regular pedicures – professional or do-it- yourself. You can accomplish this by soaking your feet in warm, sudsy water, then gently using a pumice on them. Pat them dry and seal in the water with a good foot cream. I do suggest that you start your program with some professional treatments to get them into shape. Cream your feet every day, wear cotton socks and use your pumice at least three times a week.

I swim a lot and my eyes get red and irritated, even after a short swim. What can I do about this?

Swimming in a chlorinated pool can leave the eyes tired and burning. Most drugstores carry “artificial tears” which can sooth the eyes. You might try wearing goggles if they are comfortable.

I enjoy a sauna. But my skin becomes too dry after awhile. Is steam a better treatment?

You might be more comfortable in a steam bath. Lots of humidity makes it feel as warm as a sauna, but it is actually cooler. The sauna is dry heat from hot coals or bricks. After either one (sauna or steam) you should apply a good moisturizer.

I am 21 and I want my skin to be smooth and blemish-free. What cream should I use?

Again, I stress that skin care does not come out of an expensive or inexpensive jar of cream. Good skin starts with your your diet, water intake, use of sunscreens. You muset also refrain from using drugs, cigarets or alcohol.

There is no crash course to attain a glowing complexion – daily care of the body, skin, etc, is essential.