Rouge is now more commonly known as blusher because the product has changed its image. Rouge was a sharp color on the cheekbone, while blushers provide a more gentle highlight. They add definition and warmth to the bone structure, often in soft pastel and warm earth tones.

The cream blush is probably the better type for your skin, and is also very easy to use. It is applied with the fingertips or a sponge over the foundation. It gives the skin a drier finish, making it ideal for your dry skin. To apply, dot it onto the skin and lightly blend by touching and pressing with the fingertips to the desired intensity of color.

Powder blusher (pressed colored powder) is applied with a blusher brush, a cotton puff or a cosmetic sponge. It should be applied over the face powder or, if powder is not used, over the foundation. It can be used by women with most skin types, even those with oily skin, and is therefore the most popular.