Is waterproof mascara harmful to the lashes?

Mascara can lengthen, darken and thicken the lashes. Regular mascara might contain water, waxes, color pigments, proteins, oils and might have fibres and emulsifiers. The fibres in a mascara can build up or add to the length of the lashes. Waterproof mascara with its plastic-based fixatives is much more long-lasting and also claims to be smudge-proof so that it will stay on your lashes all day; all night, too, if you neglect to take it off. Although the waterproof brands are the longest lasting they are also the most difficult and time-consuming to remove. Waterproof mascara can contain plastics which soap and water usually cannot remove. You will probably need to use an oil-based eye makeup remover, or a rich cream to saturate the lashes before the mascara will come off. Apply the remover (oily) and allow it to penetrate into the lash hairs for several minutes. Then take a damp cotton ball or Q-tip and very gentley stroke downward onto the lashes. It needs patience and gentleness. Lashes may fall out if you are too harsh in removing the mascara. Also waterproof mascara has a tendency to dry out lash hairs, so a lash conditioner should be used nightly. Be careful not to tug or move the lashes from side to side when cleaning them.

Whenever I have my upper lip waxed, it breaks out in tiny blisters and whiteheads. What can I do about this? My esthetician does apply witch hazel and a non-alcohol lotion on the area, but it still breaks out. It doesn’t seem to matter whether strip or regular wax is used.

There are several waxes and methods that can be used. Warm wax or strip wax are the most common methods used in salons. If your skin is very sensitive, it may react with redness for several hours, some swelling, numbness for a short time and possibly a slight rash of water blisters or whiteheads. Oily skins tend to have pinhead breakouts or a red dot-like rash.

Make sure the operator cleans the facial area to be waxed or applies a light dusting of powder to ensure that the hairs are dry. Following waxing, the area should be soothed, disinfected and protected with a water-based cream, gel or lotion. Another alternative is cool compresses applied several times for a half hour or a soothing mask.

Can a dark-skinned person lighten skin by using bleaching creams? Is there another method?

Your basic skin color is genetically determined and the amount of pigment skin contains cannot be permanently altered by bleaching creams or compounds.

What causes wrinkles around the eyes?

Wrinkles around the eyes are due to the natural aging process, heredity and the constant wear and tear on the eye tissue due to blinking, squinting, applying eye makeup, rubbing the eyes, years of sun exposure, smoking and allergies which cause the tissues to puff up.

Wrinkles are caused by cells that break down and flatten the skin’s dermal layer, expecially when collagen has been reduced or damaged by sun, UV light etc. The cosmetic industry promotes products for this area to help the tissues recover from some of the damage and to increase the skin’s ability to hold moisture for a longer period of time. Some of the ingredients in the eye repair, eye creams or gels will expand the damaged tissue cells and puff up the cells with water. Many contain proteins and amino-acids.