I use waterfproof eyeliner, makeup, mascara, etc. Is it necessary to use a special cleanser for waterproof products?

There are two types of waterproof cosmetics; those that resist moisture in the air, perspiration and tears and those that resist all three plus soap and water. If cosmetics resist soap and water, then another product has to be used to remove them, such as almond oil, avocado oil or products that contain other oils. Most facial cleansing creams, oils, lotions, as well as most eye-makeup removers may contain one or more of these solvents as basic ingredients, so any of these products may effectively remove waterproof products. They are safe to use but makeup should be removed every night to avoid skin problems that can arise from wearing excessive makeup over an extended period of time. It is somewhat doubtful that any eye makeup is completely waterproof but it will generally remain in place longer than products that do not make that claim.

I have very dry skin and would like to know if bath oils are of any value. What type of bath oil should I use?

Some bath oils can help control dry, itching skin. However, lotions and barrier creams applied directly to a damp skin are more effective in relieving these conditions. Oils such as almond, avocado, hazelnut, etc. should be considered a supplement to other measures. If used during the bath or shower, bath oil deposited on the skin is towelled of when drying. Some oils used in the bath float on top of the water and others disperse throughout it. One caution, all bath oils may make the tub quite slippery.

Whenever I apply makeup at home it looks good, but when I get to the office, I looks pale and drawn. What can I use for a lift? Should I use softer colors?

Your makeup may look right in natural light, but when you get to the office, fluorescent lights give a grey-ish blue cast to the skin and this can result in a washed-out look. It is more pronounced if you are wearing slightly iridescent or frosted makeup. Choose instead makeup (eye, cheek, foundation, etc.) that has a matte look – no shine. Uneven or blotchy skin will show up more if you are not wearing foundation base. Choose a warm color in foundation such as rose or peach tones. Avoid pale lips, true browns or greys on your eyes, choose warm colors such as yellows, russets, cinnamon, corals, golden browns, warm turquoise and purples. These colors create a softer and warmer glow on the skin under cold fluorescent lights.

What causes warts?

A wart is a superficial growth on the surface of the skin caused by a virus. There is no internal medicine that I knwo of that will destroy the virus, but acids, various topical and injected medicines can control or destroy them. Plantar warts usually occur on the soles of the feet. They occur more often on points of pressure and are generally considered one of the most serious and troublesome types of warts to get rid of. They can be very painful and even disabling. Unlike warts on other parts of the body, plantar warts are flattened and pushed inward ad sideways by the pressure of walking. This may squeeze and irritate the nerve endings causing pain.

It is wise to consult your doctor or podiatrist for removal of any warts.