I have tried many skin-care products and they don’t seem to do what they claim to do. What products should I buy?

Be wary of any product that makes claims to “miracle” cures for wrinkles. Also, many manufacturers will include the newest fashionable ingredient in a product, such as vitamins, collagen, elastin, aloe vera, etc. These ingredients may, in some cases, be of benefit to the skin, but that doesn’t mean that every product containing them is a good product or that it is beneficial for all skin types. Some skins do well with plant proteins and others with animal proteins such as collagen; some are better with vitamins or with biological sulphates and sea minerals. In advertising, claims may be made for long-term results and yet many people expect to see a difference overnight. If skin is well-cared-for and a person has a proper diet and uses suitable cleansing methods, skin will respond better to active ingredients.

People who do not look after their skin, who smoke and use alcohol, will have skins that won’t respond as well. Therefore, if you are just starting a skin-care program, you may have to wait a little longer to see the results.

Also you should be aware that most people do not know what their true skin type is and quite often are advised by improperly trained salespersons to buy products that are inappropriate. Also, your skin changes during the seasons and as you get older.

I suggest that you have your skin properly analyzed by an esthetician, beauty therapist or skin specialist, and then choose your products accordingly, use as directed, and be patient.

What is the best way to store nail polish? I have heard that it should be kept in the refrigerator. It seems to get thick shortly after I have bought it.

To make your polish last longer, follow a few guidelines; Shake the bottle well before opening.

While you are doing a manicure, replace the cap as often as possible, for instance, put the cap on tightly in between coats. This will help keep out air.

Store polish in a cool, dark place. It is not necessary to keep it in the refrigerator but if you do, allow at least half an hour to warm the polish to room temperature before using.

Clean the cap and bottle neck to help seal out the air. Use nail polish remover for this.

Apply a tiny bit of petroleum jelly on the outside of the bottle neck so that the top will screw on better and tighter.

If the polish does thicken, use some commercial nail-polish thinner. Do not use nail polish remover as it will further dry the nails and it takes the shine out of the polish.

My teeth are quite yellow, but my dentist says that this is my natural color. What shade of lipstick should I use?

If you choose clear reds, blue pinks, rose, and wine colors, your teeth will appear whiter. Avoid colors like copper, brown tones, peach, etc.