According to Moshe Olshevsky, Ph.D., dead skin cells, makeup, and toxins collect within the pores of our skin, stretching the openings. When this “cellular debris” is properly removed, the pore walls do contract somewhat. Our largest organ and first line of immunological defense  –  skin  –  is once again healthy and glowing.

Here are a few excellent ingredients which are important for skin health:

Aloe: Fresh aloe vera gel preparations have been shown to enhance the healing of wounded cell-layers, to treat burns and frostbite, and to fight bacteria and fungi.

Angelica (or dong quai): Known to fight eczema, this plant is known as an antiseptic, skin stimulant, and ingredient in desserts.

Calendula: Germany’s Commission E has observed this “garden marigold” to be effective in reducing inflammation and in healing external wounds.

Comfrey: Traditionally applied to reduce swelling around broken bones, extracts of the plant are used for wound-healing, skin-soother.

Green tea: Powerful antioxidant components help prevent or delay skin aging.

Lavender: This anti-depressive is also used as a skin-stimulating liniment that has traditionally been used to help the aches and pains of rheumatism.

Nettle: Beneficial for childhood and nervous eczema, it is sometimes combined with figwort and burdock.

Peppermint: Relieves itching and inflammation, and has traditionally been used against herpes simplex.

osemary: Skin emollient and soother.

Witch hazel: Extracts of the leaves of this shrub, when not distilled, are excellent astringents, and are used for bruises, inflamed swellings, and for toning skin.