Do you have any suggestions about what I can do for my dull hair. I am 33, with no health problems. I have a good diet, get lots of exercise, but I do color my hair and have for about eight years. Could this be the problem? I do the coloring myself, but I use a good brand.

Some people just have hair which has no shine, sparkle or life. Some shades of ash blond have a tendency to absorb light rather than reflect it; some browns have that dead look, which is often called mousey. The texture of your hair can make a difference, for instance, coarse hair tends to be shinier and brighter than very fine hair.

Occasionally, dull hair is a result of not rinsing all the shampoo out, or, of washing your hair in hard water. Harsh, detergent-type shampoos can also take life out of your hair, especially since you tint your hair. If you tint it for a long time, there may be a buildup of coloring. Have a professional hairdresser give you some treatments to get rid of some it. Tinting your hair one color for so long may give the impression it has no life, because by nature, no one’s hair is not all one color – it’s different shades. You might try having variegated shadings, or add highlights to it by streaking it. But, have this done by a professional. Also on the market are hair-finishing creams, gels and sprays designed to add sheen or highlights to your hair.

Does having your eyelashes tinted make them look fuller? How long does tinting last?

Eyelash tinting (with a vegetable tint) will not make the lashes thicker and fuller, only more noticeable and darker. It is mascara that adds extra thickness. For thicker lashes, you could also try using a fine- tipped brush to apply eyeliner in between the lashes (using small dots) to create the illusion of fullness. It is great for a person who has a hard time applying mascara, for those who have a sensitivity to eye makeup or mascara or for those with very pale eyelashes. Depending upon the thickness of the lash hair, tinting usually lasts four to six weeks in the winter and a slightly shorter time in the summer, as the sunlight will speed up the lightening process. Tinting on very thin and sparse lashes will not last as long as it will on thick, dense lashes.

I have very pale hair, but my lashes are dark brown and my eyes are brown. I want to use some liner, but when I use black, navy or brown, it looks harsh. What do you suggest?

Instead of using dark colors, try lining your eyes with a lavender or plum, smoky olive green, smoky turquoise, or a light golden brown eyeliner. You can try smudging the eyeliner for a more subtle look or draw tiny dots close together between the lashes to give the illusion of thickness without the harsh look of one line. For a soft contrast, try eyeshadow in softer shadows of peach, amethyst, pinks, pale lemon, or a light taupe.

When I am in the sun I usually burn because my skin is so fair. If I use after-sun moisturizers or repair complexes, will it prevent peeling?

If you allow yourself to become sunburned, your skin will peel no matter what you put on it. You don’t have to burn to obtain a tan, use the proper sunscreen cream or lotion. Even if you are slightly pink from the sun and not bright red, you are liable to suffer peeling. If you don’t want to peel, don’t allow yourself to get burned.