My skin quite often breaks out in pimples. Can you suggest a good covering foundation I can use?

To create a flawless makeup, skin must be clear and in good health. I suggest that you first look into correcting your problem of blemishes. The causes are numerous – eating habits, stress, health problems, climate, general neglect and use of improper products for your skin type. However, not all is lost if you begin immediate treatment. Oiliness can be controlled by diet, proper skin-care products and by drinking plenty of water (seven to 10 glasses a day). Most makeup foundations are too light to hide blemishes and opaque creams that do so give the skin a mask-like appearance and make the skin’s surface look bumpy. Pimples usually have a reddish color, therefore you could use a green corrective makeup to be worn under foundation. Foundation shade can be beige, tan, or ivory. Foundation type is also important – since your skin seems to be oily, choose one that is water based.

I use a loofah every morning and evening when I shower, but my skin is still dry. I understood that using the loofah will make the skin smooth and silky. What am I doing wrong?

Using the loofah twice a day is too much – especially in the winter. Once every other day is plenty. It does help remove dead skin cells and stimulates the circulation, thus making the skin smooth and soft. You must still apply a good body cream to keep the skin that way and seal in the moisture. Use a mild body shampoo or gel instead of a dry soap. Never get into, or stay too long in, a bath or shower that is too hot. This draws a lot of natural moisture and oil from the skin.

Do you cut nails when they are wet or dry?

It is easier to cut them when they are wet. They will cut easily without splitting and shredding.

Do you file nails when they are wet”damp or when they are dry?

Filing should be done when the nails are dry to avoid shredding them.

If you don’t wear nail polish to protect your nails, what can you use as a substitute?

To care for your nails, soak them first in warm water and then in warm almond, olive or avocado oil. After soaking them, wipe off the excess and massage the cuticle area and apply some cuticle cream.

Can shaving, clipping or cutting the cuticle be done only by a professional or can I do it also? What tool do I use?

The cuticle protects the matrix from bacterial invasion. It should not be cut at all. There may be the occasional time when the cuticle has to be trimmed, because it is too thick.

My hair gets flattened in the winter when I wear a hat. Is there something I can do to prevent this?

Your hair will have more volume if you apply a water-based mousse when styling it. When you remove the hat, you can wet your fingers and stroke them through your hair roots or use a large round brush (depending upon the style) to lift the hair.

I find it expensive and bothersome to apply cream, a moisturizer and then sunscreen. They feel too heavy on my skin.

Find a sunscreen that you can also use as a moisturizer. Many cosmetic companies have them. That way you will always have protection from the UVA”B rays, winter or summer.