I have very oily skin and I dislike the feel of greasy suntan creams. What else can I use?

No one is immune to the sun’s damage including oily and easily tanned skins. There are some lighter, non-greasy sunscreen formulations for your skin type. Read the information on the container. Creams for oily skins are quite often a gel-like substance. Stay out of the sun during the most dangerous period of day – 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.

My pores seem really large but my skin is very dry and flaky. Is that possible?

Pores may seem enlarged if the skin is too dehydrated – that is, skin which is lacking in water. Dehydrated skin cells may cause wider pore openings. Your skin may need several skin exfoliation peelings to achieve a clearer and smoother surface. The peeling is done on a regular basis, twice a week for approximatley five to six weeks and then a good lubricating and hydrating treatment will make the pores smaller. Pore size will vary on the face – pores on the forehead, nose and chin may be still slightly larger.

Most sunscreen lotions or creams cannot be used around the eye area. Are there other sunscreen products to use on this area?

UV rays can cause damage to the eye area. Damage can be done to the cornea of the eye; skin cancer can occur on the lids and some studies have linked cataracts to excessive sun exposure. I would suggest you wear a good pair of sunglasses that block out at least 90 per cent or more of the UV rays and 75 per cent of visible and infrared light. This should be stated on the tag, if not, ask an optometrist. There are cosmetic products that have sunscreening for the eye area, or it may be contained in eyeshadow or base and foundation. But I still feel that sunglasses are safer.

I have very long lashes and love to use different colors of mascara. I use emerald green, gold and sapphire blue but that is too much color and it is too noticeable. Is there another way of applying mascara?

Sometimes colored mascaras overpower the rest of the face. Try applying one or two coats of black or black”brown mascara and then just tip your lashes with the different colors.

I have recently had some minor surgery for which I was under anesthetic. I want to get a perm but have heard that I will not get a good result too soon after surgery. How long should I wait to have a perm? My hair is about shoulder length and streaked.

Most hairdressers suggest you wait about six months after surgery. Even then, check with your regular hairdresser. You could take a chance and have a perm before three months, but it is a risk. Since your hair is already streaked, you could further damage it. In the meantime, have your hair cut or trimmed so that you can manage it better.

I have always plucked the hair from a mole on my chin, but someone has informed me that you shouldn’t do that? Why?

I suggest that you trim the hairs with a scissor, instead of plucking, waxing, shaving, etc. You don’t want to stimulate the area in case it may cause the growth of abnormal cells.