My eyes are very small. What can I do to make them appear larger?

One of the simplest tricks to open up the eye area is to use a pencil or liquid eyeliner in black or brown to define and reshape the eye. Usually soft brown is subtle, whereas black or dark brown will be dramatic. If you want a soft effect, choose the liner and shadow to match. You may choose cantaloupe, grey, silver, lavender or green. Make sure you curl your eyelashes before the application of mascara. If you use light brown, you should darken it slightly to create an additional contrast with the eye. When applying eyeliner, do extend it beyond the outer corners of the eye to make them appear larger. To create more drama, shade the outer corner of the eye with a darker pencil or shadow.

To line the eye, keep the pencil as close as possible to the outer eyelash root and move it back and forth with short strokes. Apply liner under the bottom lashes and to the outer corner for an eye-opening effect and then blend shadow over the pencil for more intensified color.

I am a businessman who has to wear dark suits. I have a problem with dandruff and it shows on my suit most noticeably. Any suggestions?

Flaking of the scalp and persistent patchy peeling affects many people young and old. The mildest form of seborrheic dermatitis is commonly known as dandruff. The exact cause of dandruff is unknown, though some dermatologists suspect an oil gland or hormonal disorder or it may be hereditaryy. Heavy drinking, obesity or respiratory infections can aggravate the condition, as well as emotional or physical stress or fatigue. Dandruff seems more severe for most people in the fall and winter. There does not seem to be a total cure, but it can be controlled. It may take some time to find the products that work for you. For most, regular shampooing with a medicated, sulphur, selenium sulfide, tar or antiseptic-based shampoo can lead to a marked improvement. For the best results, wet the hair, pour shampoo onto the hand and massage it well into the scalp, rinse well and then repeat the shampoo application and leave it on the scalp for approximately three to six minutes, depending upon the instructions on the bottle. Switching or rotating shampoos seems to work for some.