I have read about patch testing before trying a product you are not familiar with. Just how do you do one; where do you place the product and how long should one wait?

Patch testing is done for allergic reactions. It should be done before tinting of the hair. It is preferably done at least 24 hours before the product is used. A small amount of the product can be applied behind the ear, any pulse points such as inside of the elbow or knee. Place a light gauze bandage over the area and leave on for approximately 24 hours. If no reaction occurs, the product may be safely used.

My mother is very wrinkled (she’s 52). What effect does heredity have on skin? Will I be as wrinkled? How can I prevent it and what products should I use?

Heredity does play a major role in determining the appearance, strengths and weaknesses of your skin. For example, if you mother had acne or lots of wrinkles, chances are you are susceptible to them. Of course, skin care is extremely important, as well as diet, etc. If your mother is wrinkled because she has been a long-time user of medication, alcohol or cigarets, has had a poor diet, drastic weight losses and gains and along with this did not protect her skin against sun exposure, then you may do better. The key to good skin is balanced diet, exercise, fresh air, positive outlook, drinking plenty of water and proper skin care.

I have several moles. Should I leave them alone or have them removed? If the mole is changing color, itchy, bleeding, or increaing in size, have it looked at by a skin specialist and then discuss its removal. But, if the mole isn’t bothering you, then I would leave it alone. What kind of eye cream is beneficial as a moisturizer?

There are too many eye creams to list. Here are some guidelines to help you choose one. Most cosmetic companies design from one to three types of eyecream; some are used during the day and others at night. They come in creams, gels, balms, lotion and while some may help protect, moisturize and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, others cool and refresh or strengthen and firm the eye area or reduce puffiness. They must be used carefully. Gently pat a tiny amount on the upper brow bone-from the bridge of the nose outward and inward under the bottom lid beneath the lash line towards the nose using your ring finger. Be careful not to pull and stretch the delicate tissue.

 I have had two electrolysis treatments and the operator wants to do several more treatments on my chin. I thought electrolysis was permanent. Can you enlighten me on this?

Electrolysis is permanent, but not after just one or two treatments. Sometimes it is difficult for the electrologist to get the needle right to the hair’s root to destroy it. On an average, a person can expect to have approximately 40 per cent regrowth. Regrowth is slow and electrolysis visits are usually done every 10 days to two weeks, depending upon the person, skin type, hair growth problem etc.

After having a professional facial should one apply makeup?

Experts suggest that you DO NOT apply any foundation makeup, powder or blush for at least two to four hours following the treatment. Some eye makeup and lipstick are all right. The salons that apply makeup after the facial use a different treatment than a professionally done facial; this is more commonly known as a deep cleansing of the skin.