A couple of years ago I started to shave my moustache and it grows in thicker and thicker. I am considering waxing it, but I hesitate in case it should also grow back thicker and darker. Is this likely to happen?

Many women find that after several waxings the re-growth is actually slower and much finer. Each person reacts differently, but some get as much as three to six weeks before re-growth starts. The warm wax relaxes the skin and opens the pores. The wax is allowed to cool and then quickly ripped off against the hair growth, taking the hair and the root with it. The upper lip is quite sensitive as there are many nerve endings in this area. Re-growth takes longer, and in time the roots are weakened and the amount of visible hair is reduced.

During the summer I like my feet to look good in sandals. What is included in a pedicure and how often should I have one?

A pedicure improves the condition of the foot’s skin, its circulation, cuticle and nail care and its appearance. Our feet are the most used and abused part of our body. They carry all our body weight; they are forced into shoes that are too tight or heels that are too high, tight-fitting pantyhose or socks, and synthetic footwear. All this can cause dry skin, cracked heels, corns and calluses, irritated bunions, burning sensation on the soles, ingrown toenails and fungus infection of the nails.

A good pedicure usually takes at least 45 minutes. It involves soaking the feet in warm water and skin softeners, careful cutting and filing the nails, conditioning and pushing back the cuticles, removal or smoothing of the calluses, smoothing down any roughness of the skin. Then the feet and lower legs are massaged with a lotion or cream. You may also have the feet wrapped in warm paraffin wax to help soften the skin and improve the circulation. Depending upon the feet, and the type of abuse to which they are subjected, most people need a pedicure every 4 to 6 weeks.

At home, the use of a pumice stone after the bath and the daily application of foot cream will help keep the skin soft and supple and help prevent a buildup of calluses. During the summer you may need a foot powder to help absorb excess perspiration.

How do the cuticle removers actually work? I thought the cuticles were not to be touched or removed.

There are basically two cuticle products that help cuticles: alkalines, which chemically eat away dead cuticle; and moisturizers, which soften the cuticle so it can be pushed back. Cuticles are not to be cut, as they protect the underlying soft new nail tissue. It is best to keep them soft, moisturized and free from the nail for better health of the nail.

Lipsticks do not agree with me and I break out when I wear them. I have tried the pre-lipstick creams, but my skin is still irritated. Do you have any suggestions?

I have three suggestions: Apply a bit of foundation and then lightly powder the lips before applying a creamy lipstick.

Outline your lips with a soft pink or apricot pencil and apply a natural or colored lip gloss.

Line your lips with a lip pencil, color your lips with the pencil and then apply natural lip gloss on the bottom lip.