Arrange to have a consultation with a professional at least one month prior to the event. During this interview, the makeup artist should ask you many questions about your plans. You should do some interviewing too, asking what he or she will likely do for you. If you’re dealing with a woman, a good indication of her style is how she wears her own makeup.

Discuss the colors of your wedding gown and bridal bouquet, and your going-away corsage and going-away outfit if you intend to change. This will act as a guide in choosing the lip, blush, eye and nail polish colors. (As you can see, you would be wise to co-ordinate the colors of the wedding and going-away clothes.) If you are wearing a hat with a wide brim, the makeup will have to be altered to avoid the effects of shadows when the photographs are taken. Lighting from natural or artificial sources can wash out a person’s natural coloring, so much depends on what type of wedding it will be – indoor or outdoor, day, evening, formal or informal.

You should discuss the style of your gown and veil as well as your hairstyle. If the dress is lacy, soft, flowing and ruffled, the makeup may be softer colored and more natural looking. If the gown and hat are more sophisticated and severe, the makeup can be more vibrant.

Because the festivities can stretch into 15 hours or so, the artist should have ways to keep the makeup looking fresh through the day. Many makeup artists are willing to do a trial application to get some ideas for you and this is an excellent way to see if this person’s style suits you.