Is electric or blade shaving best? I have tried waxing, which is wonderful, but is too costly for me to have done every two weeks.

Deciding whether to use a blade or electric razor means that you must consider skin condition, hair density, convenience, time available and how often shaving has to be repeated. It is possible to cut the skin using either method and both can leave the skin irritated.

Shaving is a simple, rapid and economical method of temporary hair removal. Using water and a rich shaving cream to plump up the hair until it is soft will help to keep you from getting nicked. Rinse and then apply a good body moisturizer afterward to prevent dryness. Shaving does not encourage rapid hair growth nor does it make the hair coarse. The hair shaft tapers as it grows out and cuting it at the surface of the skin creates an impression that the newly emerging portion is thicker and darker. Do not shave first thing in the morning since the skin tends to be puffy then and this can prevent a close shave. On the con side, shaving has to be repeated often, it leaves a stubble, it can leave the skin red and irritated and can cause ingrown hairs in certain areas.

Skin oiliness is an important factor when using an electric shaver. Skin should be dry and as oil-free as possible. Lightly dust the skin (hair) with talc or use a bit of rubbing alcohol first to remove the oil. The electric razor should travel slowly over the skin. It is easier to use and more convenient but it does not shave as closely as a blade. Some of the electric pre-shave preparations permit easier shaving.

My hair has started to lose its lustre and shine. How can I make it look shinier? I use ordinary shampoos and conditioners and wash my hair every day.

Lots of shine is one of the signs of healthy hair. Damaged or split ends and a rough cuticle in the hair won’t reflect light well and therefore can make the hair look dull. The cuticle of the hair should lie flat and even, to reflect the light. Electric rollers, hot blow dryers, perms, color treatments, pulling the hair, brushing roughly, etc., all contribute to the roughening of the outer cuticle of the hair. Choosing the proper shampoo and conditioner for your hair is the first step. Usually conditioner will add more protein. Keeping your hair well-trimmed is another basic. Do see a hairdresser to check the condition of your hair and find out what can be done about it.

Other than “packing” on the powder for a shiny nose, is there anything else I can do?

You may use blotting tissues to remove excess oil without disturbing your makeup. I have been told that hair curler end papers will also do. Don’t apply creams on the nose.

I have very oily hair which I wash every day. I don’t use conditioners and the ends of my hair are very dry. What can I do?

Use conditioner only on the dry ends of the hair and not all over the scalp. Check your shampoo; is it the correct type for your hair? Wash hair, using lukewarm water and rinse with water of the same temperature. Also, remember that heat stimulates your oil glands, so limit your use of hot rollers, curling irons, and use your blow dryer on cool settings.

Is dancing as good a foot exercise as walking and running?

Running can be more traumatic to the foot unless proper shoes and socks are worn. Dancing in itself is fine but it can also be somewhat traumatizing because of the inflexible shoes women insist on wearing. Brisk walking is an excellent foot exercise and everyone, young or old, can benefit from it.